#YESPVD2020 Workshop Directory @ YESPVD Virtual Academy

Here is the list of direct workshop links for our #YESPVD2020 virtual youth summit.

Workshop Title & Direct Link:

Do You See What I See: How to be an Advocate using Equity as a Lens • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2941774/

Skills To Pay The Bills: Mastering Work Readiness Skills for Workplace Success https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2941023/

Empowerment Through Poetry & Sound • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2941736/

The Saturday Conversation: Podcast • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2964794/

Glow In The Dark • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2942925/

Education for Liberation: A Planning Meeting to Discuss a New Nonprofit Idea • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2952830/

Young Kings & Queens How To Run For Office & Be The Change • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2962789/

Telling Your Story Right • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2964938/

Save Energy! Green Careers: Weatherization 101 • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2965949/

Use Your Voice. Use Your Gift. Use Your Talent. • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2965975/

Cool Numbers: The Business of Live Entertainment • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2941886/

Turn Your Hustle Into a Business! • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2956548/

Black is Queen: Build A Business Out of Your Own Power • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2966121/

Black Star Power • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2956434/

How To Flip Your Money Script • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2937022/

Let’s Build! • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2965235/

The Generation of Change (A Crash Course In Youth Activism) • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2942900/

Shake the System: Leading Change in Your Community • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2966174/

Mental Health Counseling, What it is and isn’t • https://academy.yespvd.org/groups/2966139/

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