Young Kings & Queens How To Run For Office & Be The Change – AM Session ONLY

Room 107

Have you thought about making a positive impact in your community? Communities are made up of different actors and all those actors within those communities play important roles. The power to implement creative solutions to everyday problems we see, are all within reach. You are the author of your story, no one can tell your story better than you, and that lived experience matters. Learn about building collective power, become a change maker in your community, and learn the ins and outs of running for office! Yes, YOU!

1. Realize how powerful their voices are in implementing the change they hope to see in their communities,
2. how to organize and build collective power amongst their community,
3. the structure of local government,
4. how to run a successful campaign, and why it should be them!

Session: AM
Language: English
Ages: All Ages

Civic Engagement Enrichment Lifestyle Youth Development