Telling Your Story Right – AM Session ONLY

Room 113

Everyday, whether we realize it or not, we’re telling stories. Some stories we tell out loud and full of volume. Other stories linger quietly in our head, silently yet powerfully influencing what we believe to be true, for better and for worse. The stories we tell, to others and to ourselves, both inspire us and hold us back. They determine, regardless of the cards we’re dealt in life, what roads we take and where we opt out. This workshop is about owning your story and telling it right. It’s about putting yourself in the driver’s seat in school, at work, with friends, in life.

1. Practice “reframing” problem to opportunity
2. Learn three easy steps for “believing into seeing”
3. Study the tips and tricks of successful influencers
4. Learn to tell your story right – for influence, for impact, for inspiring others to live their best self

Session: AM
Language: English
Ages: All Ages

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