Jen Silbert

Founder, Spartina Consulting

Jen Hetzel Silbert has an unshakable belief that everyone is worthy of learning, working, and earning to their full potential. A master group facilitator, coach and force for positive change, Jen brings an infectious energy to her strength-based approaches to strategic planning, leadership development, culture building, and social innovation. She has a knack for challenging conventional thinking, a skill that has supported some of the highest rankings of the CIA, refugee survivors in post-civil war Liberia, as well as a statewide planning process that engaged thousands on complex issues such as education equity and earning power. Jen loves few things more than sharing her process for helping others to stretch to new levels of potential, and that starts with telling your story right.

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Telling Your Story Right

AM Session Only

Telling Your Story Right – AM Session ONLY

Room 113

Everyday, whether we realize it or not, we’re telling stories. Some stories we tell out loud and full of volume. Other stories linger quietly in our head, silently yet powerfully influencing what we believe to be true, for better and for worse. The stories we tell, to others and to ourselves, both inspire us and […]

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